Traditions Matter

Traditions Matter

Tis the season when traditions abound. I used to reluctantly participate in many of them, but not any more. This year we are spending our first Christmas without my Mom and Dad.

I can’t imagine a Christmas without… the identical pajamas that Mom handpicked and insisted that every single one of us wear. We made a pact early on that no photos would ever see the light of social media… Or the lap around the house that Dad did on Christmas Eve jingling a well-worn rope of seven ancient brass bells (pictured above). We always wondered why Santa had a quiet landing and a loud exit… Or the tree decorated with hundreds of colorful ball ornaments in bundles of twos and threes from top to bottom. Our tree defined twinkle according to my friends who still talk about it.

This year I won’t miss any of them, because we have committed to carrying on our quirky yet beloved traditions. They are cherished memories and help us celebrate all that is important about the holidays especially those we now hold in our hearts.

From our family to yours, happy holidays and traditions.

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