Keep Your Hard Hat On

Keep Your Hard Hat On

Brands are built and protected when they are not neglected. Actively manage your brand by always keeping it “under construction.” Here are five easy steps to get you building.

1. Survey the landscape. What do your customers and potential customers say about your brand? What associations and expectations does it evoke? How is it distinct from other brands? Roll up your sleeves and dig into the realities of your brand’s status.

2. Draw up a purpose. Thriving brands have a relevant reason for being. Swiss Army helps equip people for life’s many adventures. Google organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful. Lego inspires and develops the builders of tomorrow. Capture the crux of why your brand is and will continue to be vital to your customers.

3. Explore the possibilities. With understanding and purpose, you can begin to think potential. Uncover fertile areas for growth by challenging where and how you compete. Delve into all possible ways to enhance your brand’s performance, from filling unmet or untapped needs to jettisoning unessential or unjustified activities. Then, consider conducting creative – but focused – idea generation exercises. Finally, try out viable ideas on customers.

4. Design a blueprint. Developing a plan means evaluating all options to determine if they support the health and well-being of the brand. Before you commit to a program, product or service, create a critical question checklist. Does the tactic fulfill your purpose? Is it supporting consumption or use? Will it delight customers and allure new ones?

5. Adapt as you build. Yesterday’s successes can become tomorrow’s failures. Strive for constant learning, not only from your own experiences but from others’.

Watch the brands that impress you. Their owners “keep the hard hat on” by being dedicated to intimately understanding their brand, demonstrating connection with their customers, and aggressively building their brand’s value, day in and day out.


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