5 Ingredients for Stellar Marketing

5 Ingredients for Stellar Marketing

What is stellar marketing? Note that I’m setting the bar high by using the word stellar, rather than good or great.

I posed the question to experienced marketers—those who had demonstrated marketing success beyond their wildest dreams—and here’s a small sampling of what they said:

“It moves consumers and drives consumption.”

“It’s obvious before it becomes obvious, starts a viral epidemic and becomes the news.”

“It’s honest, smart, clear, intriguing and motivates the target to answer the call.”

“It creates a need for something you can’t live without.”

The diversity of their responses encouraged me to begin an ongoing dialogue about the recipe for stellar marketing. Like any classic entrée or dessert, there’s more than one recipe and the final product never comes out exactly the same. But the main ingredients remain constant.

From my discussions, five key ingredients for stellar marketing surfaced. Let’s review each through an example.

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