Marketing. Strategy. Branding.

The founder of The Morgan Network is Mary T. Morgan.
She calls herself a Marketing Practitioner.
Her colleagues call her “The Mary Poppins of Marketing.”

Practicing the art and science of marketing around the world.


Delivering value to your customer.


Guiding principles and resources for growth.


Differentiating your product or service.

10 Reasons To Consider Us

1.  You know something needs to change but you don’t know what.

2.  You don’t have time, money or patience for a consulting project.

3.  You could use extra talent, tools, and tenacity.

4.  You want a resource that can bring out the best in your team.

5.  You understand success requires brilliant strategy and execution.

6.  You need results now.

7.  You feel it is important to balance analysis with action.

8.  You prefer that your team learn by doing.

9.  You appreciate experience in and across companies and cultures.

10.  You want to deliver stellar results and have fun doing it.


Mary came in at a time when we were transitioning our global marketing function. One of her assignments was to work with me on an important new product launch into lead countries. She simply joined my project team and helped shape and execute a plan based on her wealth of knowledge and experience. I found Mary to be challenging, constructive and pragmatic — an inspiring person to work with!

Jan van Twillert VP of Global Marketing Blue House Danone

I had the opportunity of working closely with Mary to develop a vision and strategy for a wide range of business development situations across Latin America. She went beyond advising to really engaging with the local teams to deliver results. I was really impressed with her powerful marketing knowledge and deep consumer understanding. Her passion and energy are inspiring.

Patricia Field Directora Comercial Abbvie

Mary was introduced to me as an added value resource and I was skeptical, to say the least. But within a short time, she was indeed adding value. Her style allows her to quickly understand the challenges of the business in an unobtrusive way. Combine this with her deep consumer understanding, loads of packaged goods experience and before you know it, Mary is working seamlessly with your team delivering tangible results.

Peter Kreutzner Board Director Hammerhead Navigation & Canadian Prairie Garden Puree

A few of our favorite clients and brands include: