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The founder of The Morgan Network is Mary T. Morgan, a versatile marketing sort who is privileged to have worked on hundreds of brands and products in dozens of categories worldwide. She is proud to announce the formation of another venture with two very talented gentlemen called Trynamic Partners. Mary cheers for the Michigan State Spartans and Duke Blue Devils. For more details, visit her     LinkedIn Profile

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The Morgan Network

We are a 20+ year old practice that’s all about make-sense marketing and brand building. Mary personally leads every assignment and operates utilizing a renowned resource network. The Morgan Network is sought out by high-potential executives to create strategies and practices that spark dramatic growth and improve capabilities, orchestrate opportunity assessment in developed and emerging geographies, position and launch new businesses that deliver significant incremental sales, spearhead critical business-building programs and initiatives around the world, and train and coach talent while on the job.

  1. You know something needs to change, but you don’t know what.
  2. You don’t have time, money or patience for a consulting project.
  3. You need results now.
  4. You could use extra talent, tools and tenacity.
  5. You prefer that your team learn by doing.
  6. You feel it is important to balance analysis with action.
  7. You want a resource that can bring out the best in your team.
  8. You appreciate experience in and across companies and cultures.
  9. You understand success requires brilliant strategy and execution.
  10. You want to deliver stellar results and have fun doing it.

Trynamic Partners

They call us the executive trifecta. We call ourselves Trynamic Partners because we are a trio of seasoned executives with dynamic yet synergistic talents and a track record of stellar results together in the world’s biggest small company. Our goal is to help visionary owners who want to achieve more. Without losing ownership to unknown entities, they want more of an impact in top-line sales and bottom-line profits while securing a meaningful legacy. Ideal companies are already established, have positive cash flow, and play somewhere in the consumer product value chain. Our services are funded by the value we create.

Brian Camastral

Organizational Transformation
Strategic Vision
High Performance Leadership

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Mary T. Morgan

Marketing Transformation
Strategic Planning
New Business Development

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Bernie Lodge

Operational Transformation
Strategic Risk
Financial Rigor

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  1. It all begins with a purpose-driven vision anchored in core values.
  2. An intimate understanding of business value drivers creates opportunity.
  3. Goals, strategies and activities that are aligned provide focus.
  4. High performance teamwork transforms people and companies.
  5. Insight, relevancy and clarity build consumer connections.
  6. All processes need to provide the most value with the least waste.
  7. Supply chain must ensure sustainable cost structure and reliable customer delivery.
  8. Disruptive innovation requires courage and discipline.
  9. Financial rigor avoids surprises.
  10. Caring about all of your stakeholders does payoff.